Tyler Johnson Career High 26 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2015)

The Tyler Johnson era is not over yet! I incorrectly declared it such in an earlier video, right after Goran Dragic got signed, a signing that would seem to spell doom for Tyler and his minutes. I am happy to be wrong, in this case; this dude is a really rad player who gives hope to every 6’4″ white guy with amazing athleticism and an amazing jumpshot to match.

That definition includes me, if you were wondering, though you can add in a perfectly proportioned face, free of acne, and huge muscly arms with a chick draped on each.

Anyway, yeah, somehow Tyler convinced Spoelstra to give him some run after not playing the last three games. And then scored 26 points? Way to prove your coach wrong. I thought when he scored 18 that that would be his career high for all time. Wrong again. 26, though, that might be unbeatable. How can he possibly score more than that? This is the peak of his career, as far as I’m concerned. I will not be proven wrong a third time.

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