Isaiah Canaan Career High 31 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (3/4/2015)

Isaiah Canaan, in addition to his career high 31 points with 8 treys, had 6 assists tonight. Amazing! An impressive scoring performance amplified by a player’s willingness to pass!

So where are they? You watch this video, they aren’t there. What’s the deal, DownToBuck?

I’ll tell you the deal, straight-up and unfiltered: a scoring performance like this does not desire to be sullied by assists. They only detract from the long-bomb proficiency on display. You are not watching this video to be impressed by a couple lame passes. You want three pointers! Lots of ’em!

And that’s what you have received, you monsters. Does nothing sate you? Your insatiable lust for NBA player highlights sickens me.

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