Wilson Chandler 26 Points Full Highlights (3/7/2015)

Are you a Wilson Chandler fan? Great! First off, thanks for watching this video, I’d definitely say that 1 view is way better than 0 views.

If you don’t mind, I have a couple questions I would like to ask you, as a fan of Wilson Chandler. DownToBuck likes to keep his finger on the pulse of America.

What is it like being the only fan of Wilson Chandler in the entire world? Do you sometimes get lonely? Do you go on internet message boards full of people claiming to be Wilson Chandler fans, only to be saddened once again as you find that they were only pretending?

What prompted you to become such a fan of such an unremarkable player? Wilson Chandler is a fine player, but he offers nothing that isn’t offered in much greater amounts elsewhere. There is no reason to be a fan of his that I can discern; if you are looking for a new object of fandom, I hear Stephen Curry is pretty hot right now.

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