Corey Brewer 25 Points Full Highlights (3/12/2015)

This game proves without a doubt that Corey Brewer is a being synthesized out of pure hustle. After the previous night’s game where he scored 23 points and deposited fat loads of his hustle on every corner of the court, he came into this game with plenty of hustle left in his twiglike body and went on to score 25. The Jazz might have walked away with the W, but Brewer left their arena dripping with great big gobs of hustle, forcefully ejaculated straight from Brewer’s loins.

I would like to conduct experiments on Corey to see if he actually ever gets tired or if he just spends all his time wide awake and bouncing off the walls. If anybody has a contact in his camp, hook me up, because I tweeted at him a million times with increasingly erratic messages and then he blocked me. Divas.

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