Chase Budinger 18 Points Full Highlights (3/16/2015)

In a description just ten days ago I penned these words:

“If I don’t get five Timberwolves fans in the comments section saying “Thanks Mr. DownToBuck” for my selfless devotion to their team, I am officially not going to make any more Timberwolves highlights ever again, forever. […] Even if Chase Budinger scores 18 with four made three-pointers.”

First, the part about Chase Budinger scoring 18 points makes me look like some kind of psychic or something. I didn’t get the amount of three-pointers right, but I was pretty close.

Second, I didn’t ignore today’s performance because I did indeed get five Timberwolves fans saying the exact words “Thanks Mr. DownToBuck” in the comments. I would like to give a shout-out to the following Tubers for ensuring that I would continue to provide T-Wolves highlights:

Brock Nelson
George Miller
Spencer Beggs
Brian Song
Mohamed Jama
Damian Myles
Justin Eword

You guys are the real MVPs.

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