Alexey Shved Career High 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/20/2015)

The Knicks. Hoo boy, the Knicks. I don’t think even one thing has gone right for them this season, unless you count “actually having their own draft pick this year”. They lack nearly entirely players who are willing to score the rock; it seems most everyone is content to not ever shoot.

Enter Alexey “The Paper Shvedder” Shved. He’s pissed from a combination of his lack of playing time in Houston, the collapsing ruble, getting traded all the time, plus the ridiculous New York markup on vodka, and he’s ready to shoot shots with cold Russian fury. He does not care about efficiency. He does not care about shot selection. On a team full of cowards who don’t even want to score, Alexey chucks to his heart’s content.

And I love it. He’s been putting up some sweet scoring numbers, as a freshly minted first option. He even gets his teammates involved a little bit, throws them a bone once in a while, as any alpha wolf should. There’s no way that this will continue after this year, but for now, Shved and Shvedophiles everywhere are having the time of their lives.

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