Jeff Green 23 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (3/21/2015)

Somebody in a comment on one of my videos once accused me of purposefully ignoring Jeff Green ever since he came to the Grizzlies. I think he must have thought I was a Celtics fan or something. I know I shouldn’t even read those stupid things, but once in a while there’s an opportunity to make a pun that will get a lot of up-thumbs, so I do it anyway.

I want to clear the air here. I don’t ignore Jeff Green. The only player I ignore is DeMar DeRozan. I have, however, learned from experience that nobody really cares about Jeff Green that much. Case in point: late last year, Jeff Green scored 27 points. I thought that was pretty sweet, so I made a video.

My friends, that video only got 500 views.

This isn’t like one of those early videos I made when I had no subscribers. I’m pretty sure I had eight or nine thousand at the point the video was made. That’s not counting the countless Celtics fans who would search YouTube for video proof of Jeff Green unbusting himself. But nobody watched the damn video.

So now, I only make Jeff Green videos when I feel like it. Last night was a pretty poor night for highlight-worthy statlines, so here we are. If that guy is watching this video, I want him to know that there are no hard feelings between us, that I love the Grizzlies, and that the only player I hate is DeMar DeRozan. And that Jeff Green is high on benzos every time he steps on the court.

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