Andre Iguodala 21 Points Full Highlights (3/24/2015)

Is there anyone around who still thinks the Warriors aren’t the favorites to win it all? They’re too good. And that’s with Andre Iguodala not even looking to score this year. If he does in the playoffs what he did in this game, it’s even more over than it was before.

Andre’s jumper was cash tonight, cash frickin’ money. Why doesn’t he shoot it more? He seems to have embraced fully the idea of him being a do-it-all sixth man, but that doesn’t mean he can’t put up a few more shots in favor of like Justin Holiday or something. Has he been saving himself for the playoffs? Turning “it” on and off is a bad idea, since eventually your switch will stop working. Personally, I think he’s just testing the limits of how good a player who doesn’t score can be.

And the answer is “pretty good, but not like, you know, transcendent or anything”.

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