Enes Kanter 25 Points Full Highlights (3/24/2015)

I think it’s someone else’s turn to mindlessly chase triple-doubles on the Thunder. Westbrook has had enough for one season. Why not Enes Kanter?

He can pass it now, apparently. There have been many theories proffered as to why he couldn’t do it in Utah, but that time of his life is over now, and we should let the mind-bogglingly bad assist numbers he had there rest in piece, no matter how they were acquired.

Anyway, yeah, no reason they can’t feed him the ball in the high post and tell guys to shoot it as soon as they receive it from him. Westbrook likes to shoot it all the time anyway, again, just have him make sure he doesn’t shoot until he’s absolutely positive that Kanter has passed it to him. The points and the rebounds are super simple for him; all he needs is a few extra assists and he can get a trippy-doobie, no problem.

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