Chase Budinger 22 Points Full Highlights (3/25/2015)

Chase Budinger just hasn’t been the same since he exploded his knees. He used to be a high-flying rim destroyer with a confident jumpshot. Now, his jumper is borked because he can’t get the lift he used to, and he can’t dunk with nearly the same amount of fury because every time he tries to jump he thinks “what if this is the time when my knees decide not to take the abuse anymore.”

I mean, I don’t get why they don’t allow NBA players to have cyborg knees. Not only would they never break, but they would give new life to players whose catastrophic knee explosions caused their careers to derail. People like Jabari Parker. Robot knees can be calibrated to provide the same amount of power that the fragile human knees used to give, so it’s not like we’d have people dunking on twenty-foot rims or anything.

Actually, we would, because that would be sicker than a Black Plague victim.

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