Jameer Nelson 22 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/28/2015)

After being on the same team for ten seasons, Jameer Nelson has been on three different teams this season, none of them being his original team. I’m not usually one to get sentimental about player transactions and feelings and stuff, but that’s sad AF. Jameer was probably beloved in Orlando, but his body isn’t getting any younger, and he didn’t want to sit through a long rebuilding process that, even now, doesn’t look like it’s going to work very well. So he packed his bags and signed with Dallas in order to contend.

Then the Rajon Rondo trade happened. And then the Celtics decided that Jameer wasn’t going to help them tank, so they traded him again like an old holographic Machamp with bent corners. Now he gets to back up Ty Lawson on a team with high levels of discord between the players and the the front office, a front office led by a GM who doesn’t even know how the CBA works. They’ll probably trade him again during the offseason to another team who doesn’t want him.

That just makes me sad. But, hey, at least he was an All-Star that one year!

Nope, that just makes me even sadder.

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