Danny Green 21 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (4/3/2015)

Danny Green is a nice player. Hits threes, plays defense, knows his role. A vital part of what the Spurs have going on right now. No complaints to be made against him, unless maybe you want him to be more aggressive or something.

However, how much more radical would San Antonio be if they had Gerald Green instead? It would be insanity. Popovich would have to work hard to reign in Gerald’s chucker tendencies, but it would absolutely be worth it. After the first high-flying windmill alley-oop people would forget that they ever claimed the Spurs were boring.

That’s the problem with Danny Green. He’s boring. Gerald Green is the opposite of boring, and gives you the same (work with me here) three-point prowess. It’s too late for trades now, with the playoffs coming up and stupid CBA rules in the way, but next year, man, they gotta get in on this.

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