Erick Green 11 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2015)

I haven’t been doing enough highlights of total scrubs lately. Nikola Vucevic? Nicolas Batum? David Lee? Andrew Wiggins? Tarik Black? These people are near All-Stars. Highlights of good players was never the point of this channel. Looking at my own recent videos makes me sick.

I thought about doing Al Horford highlights tonight. Can you believe that? The best player on one of the best teams in the league, and I was this close to compiling his made field goals! What have I become? I look in the mirror and see Dawk Ins staring back at me.

I hope to atone with these Erick Green highlights. No one but the most ardent Nuggets homer and maybe his own mother would say that he is a good player. 11 points is his career high, presented to you in a concise package.

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