John Jenkins 17 Points Full Highlights (4/12/2015)

Call me crazy, but I still think John Jenkins can be a good player in the NBA. Injuries have screwed him over, and he hasn’t gotten a true chance to show what he can do, at least not since the end of his rookie year. The Hawks are too good now to give him the shot he deserves, but at least one man is still fighting for justice.

That man is me, and my fighting involves standing in front of my local police station with a sandwich-board that says “John Jenkins is being unfairly held down in Atlanta. Someone do something about this.” I’m trying to rally support for my cause. I even got a megaphone and everything, at least until one of the pigs game out of his mud pit and took it away.

Despite that setback, I think I’ve been making progress on getting Jenkins freed from his shackles. There’s one really nice old lady who walks by and happily takes all the informational pamphlets I give her. She never says anything or even really acknowledges my existence, but I know she wants to see more minutes for John just as much as I do.

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