Michael Carter-Williams 30 Points Full Highlights (4/13/2015)

Going into the game with the Philadelphia 76ers, the one thing I didn’t want Michael Carter-Williams to do was get a big head and decide to show everyone in Philly why they should never have traded him.

Turns out that’s exactly what he wanted to do. “Oh look Nerlens, just me and my new friends, getting ready for the playoffs, who’s not a real point guard again?”

MCW, despite his single-mindedness of purpose tonight, has, in general, benefited from having some limitations placed on him. He doesn’t get to shoot anything he wants (sometimes he does anyway, bad habits die hard), and when he turns it over in a particularly boneheaded way, Jason Kidd is quick to yank him.

Quick to put him back in, too, because Jerryd Bayless is sucking really hard right now.

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