Arinze Onuaku Career High 12 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (4/15/2015)

My perception of Arinze “The Otaku” Onuaku was permanently and irrevocably screwed up when he opened the 2013-14 season by playing fifteen minutes off the bench for the Pelicans. That was almost as many minutes as Tyreke Evans played that game, and it was more than what Anthony Morrow got. You can see how my impressionable mind was confused by this occurrence. Onuaku played nine minutes in the next game, then only played in three more games the rest of the season, two of them with the Cavaliers. However, I went for a long time thinking that Onuaku could be a useful “ten minutes off the bench energy big” ala Jeff Adrien.

Apparently I was wrong. But now I’m right again! The Otaku shot 85% from the field during his tenure with the Timberwolves and also rebounded at a, dare I say, elite rate. This might very well be the end of Onuaku’s illustrious NBA career, but I will never forget his clutch performances for undermanned teams. Onuaku will live in my heart until the day when it ceases to beat.

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