Kyle Korver 17 Points Full Highlights (4/22/2015)

Allen Iverson and Kyle Korver were teammates back in the old days before dress codes and advanced statistics. Young Korver was just a rookie, eager to be tutored by one of the greatest scorers in the game. Sharpen your pencils, kiddos, it’s quiz time!

How much of the future All-Star Kyle Korver’s All-Stariness can we attribute to this mentorship?

A. None, Kyle had already achieved maximum thug-life status
B. A small amount, Allen had some good points about shot-making, but not about shot-taking
C. A large amount, otherwise we would be talking about a Luke Babbitt-type player
D. All, AI is the GOAT and left some of his powers behind in Philly as a parting gift, which Kyle then absorbed to elevate his three-point prowess

Trick question! If you answered any of the above, you are incorrect. The answer is and always will be unknowable, and one could even say that it’s foolish to ask the question in the first place. Kyle had NBA-level talent coming into the league, that much we know for certain. As to what extent Iverson influenced his development, we can only guess. Maybe Korver was always destined to be a beast. Maybe he was destined to become another second-round washout, but instead was redeemed by AI’s cornrows.

But we will never know. All we know is this:

Kyle looks like Ashton Kutcher

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