Michael Carter-Williams 19 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (4/23/2015)

In my last Michael Carter-Williams video, I commented on the fact that his jumper was totally borked, an uncontrollable mess of flailing limbs that was just as likely to bank in as it was to airball.

Good news! Looks like someone told him to shoot it better/different, because it doesn’t look AS screwed up anymore. He puts a lot more arc on his shots now, which makes the basket bigger, at least from the perspective of the ball. I don’t know if this new form is more accurate, because looking at shot-charts falls under “advanced statistics” for me, and I can’t use those. I can use the eye-test, though, and I don’t remember seeing him bank in a shot for a while.

If he has improved, it’s come at a good time for the Bucks, as they face getting swept by the Bulls in the first round. Then Bucks fans can spend the entire offseason poring over game clips of MCW as they divide themselves into two camps: the MCW-is-not-so-bad-nuthuggers, and the let-Giannis-run-point-lunatics.

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