Giannis Antetokounmpo All 383 Field Goals Full Highlights (2014-2015 Season Bucketilation Part III)

Okay, I wrote the third rap in my Giannis Antetokounmpo rap tetralogy. “Gyroz & Smoothiez”

When tha hankerin’ hits for some food
Giannis know how to satisfy it good
He don’t like to look at naked guys
If you do I got a surprise

In tha hood there’s a place called Papa Niko’s
All kinda Greek shit includin’ swag gyros
Souvlaki all up in this bitch fo sho
Even feta cheese and dolmades fo the ho

Dripping with tzatziki sauce all ova
It’s like a muthafuckin’ lamb meat supernova
Wrapped up in a pita like a gangsta burqa
It might taste like Greece but yo this is MURRICA

Damn nigga my stomach need some eats
To go wit’ the mad flow and dope beats
Hook up wit’ Giannis cuz he knows
That where it’s at is some bitchin’ gyros

Gyros bitch x4

You need a beer cuz you got a thirst
Let Giannis take you to da mall first
Look like it for bitches, the smoothie store
All pink and shit but you know you in for

Strawberry and banana all mixed and shit
Takin’ a sip more like takin’ a hit
Giannis smile when you start talkin’ all crass
It like fresh white Reeboks kickin’ your ass

Whities got some stuff figured out
Like how to put blended fruit in yo mout’
Announce to the whole damn hater world
Smoothies are gangsta like a bootylicious girl

Damn these things are yummy-fuckin-nummy
Don’t agree? Kill yourself you dummy
Hook up wit’ Giannis cuz he sees
That where it’s at is some bitchin’ smoothies

Smoothies bitch x4


Part IV:

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