Giannis Antetokounmpo All 383 Field Goals Full Highlights (2014-2015 Season Bucketilation Part IV)

Fourth and final installment of my Giannis rap series.

Regret overcomes me like a black death-cloud
Sorrow so acute I sob and wail aloud
The abyss is deep like an ocean of fear
I stare down, can I end it all here?

I used up my good description idea too soon
Giannis addicted to smoothies, a creative boon
It deserved more than just 5,000 characters
Now the only comfort is my final tears

Four parts would have done justice the story
Bursting with metaphor, symbolism, and allegory
The smoothie representing Giannis’ emerging manhood
A coming-of-age tale, against time would have stood

Rachel, the love interest, rendered personality-less
The constraints of YouTube cause cascading distress
She could have been so much more, and was, in a way
The details were cast to the mist of time, so gray

So compelling is a descent into addiction
But in Giannis’ saga, it could only be fiction
Humor and sincerity together, a divine recipe
But in that many characters, only pulp it could be

This Giannis bucketilation was an impulsive creation
If I had known two months ago, there would be no dunkilation
Self-hatred bordering on rage consumes this man
Should I live this life, a failure, a sham?

Instead of smoothie addiction, I must write
These feeble raps, so superficial, so trite
I do not ask forgiveness from you, understanding only
That the shadowed crevices of despair can be quite lonely


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