Jeremy Lamb 20 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2015)

There is one thing that people are talking about right now regarding Jeremy Lamb.

What’s the status of his sleazy glam-rock band, Jeremy and the Little Lambs? Last I heard, they were playing for near empty venues, with frontman Jeremy chewing out drummer Kendrick Perkins for never showing up to practice, and crying in the arms of bassist Steven Adams after another show where the only audience members were a sleeping Nick Collison and a pissed-off looking bartender.

Things were on the rocks for them, definitely, and I can’t imagine that the scattering of their members to New Orleans and Charlotte has had a positive effect on the situation. I’ve been checking their Facebook page daily for updates, but the last post from 13 months ago only says, cryptically: “Please help send coke”.

I fear the worst.

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