Dwight Powell 15 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2015)

Dwight Powell did not consider himself a particularly well-written man, but nevertheless, he found himself a piece of paper and began to compose a letter.

“Dear Tyson,

I know that you hate the Mavs now. I can’t claim to understand, since I’ve never been important enough to a team that my forced departure could be viewed as an insult, but I can at least write this message to you with that in mind. And, maybe I can build a rapport with you by telling you that I, too, believe Mark Cuban to be the biggest D-bag in the whole league.

But even though you hate the Mavs and Mark Cuban and probably even Dirk, I wanted to thank you for signing with the Suns. Now I get to be the roll-man on the pick and rolls. I don’t know if you look at the stats very often but I’m pretty much a beast right now. None of this would have happened if you had stayed with the Mavs in a desperate bid to help the team, and yourself, remain relevant long after Dirk’s prime had elapsed.

Since I already built up the common bond of us hating Mark Cuban, I hope I don’t overstep my bounds by noting that you’re getting up there in years yourself. Do you ever wonder how long you’ll be able to keep being an effective NBA player? It’s probably only a year or two max. Honestly, the Mavs are probably better off letting you go so they can start fresh once Dirk goes to the big schnitzel factory in the sky.

I guess that’s all I have to say.

-Dwight Powell

P.S. you should be getting a “Dwight Power” T-Shirt in the mail soon. It’s got a picture of me in a KKK robe and I’m dunking it. I thought it was pretty funny.”

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