Trey Burke 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/7/2015)

Trey Burke was such absolute garbage last year that it actually physically hurts me that he’s playing well this year. It’s like there’s a little part of me that exists only to throw shade on Burke, and now that the shade is being withheld, it’s letting me know by introducing stabbing pains in my chest and a kind of radiating pain down my arms and back. I’m also a little short of breath.

The symptoms for a heart attack are similar but I’m pretty sure it’s just me not being able to hate on Trey Burke anymore. People like me don’t get heart attacks. I just hope that Burke regresses soon so that I can get back to dissing him for his low FG% and inability to pass the ball. Actually, the Jazz are playing him off-ball more often, so his assist numbers are down. That’s good. I can work with that.

But seriously, if this gets any worse, DTB might be taking a special field trip to the emergency room courtesy of Trey Burke shooting 50% from three.

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