Mario Chalmers 11 Points Grizzlies Debut Full Highlights (11/13/2015)

I thought Mario Chalmers was supposed to be a Heat for life. It seemed like he was getting the Udonis Haslem treatment of being a marginal starter but still being treated loyally by the organization. So much for that.

A Chalmers-Udrih swap doesn’t seem to move the needle, except for the steroid needles that Udrih is presumably using to stay in the league. I suppose Chalmers is technically the better player since he has some rings, whereas Udrih brings a bad haircut, a midrange game, and not much else to the Heat organization. Sometimes I think teams do these trades just to get my videos more views.

The real question is, who’s going to yell at Chalmers now if not Chris Bosh?

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