Raymond Felton 23 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2015)

Consider DownToBuck among the legions of fans who assumed that Raymond “Fatty” Felton was totally done. He didn’t look like much last year with the Mavericks, and even though he’s not that old really, I assumed that that would be the end of him in the NBA. Have fun in China, RayRay!

These were commonly shared thoughts. Even the most optimistic of Dallas homers likely didn’t see Felton having another productive game for their squad, and were looking forward to using his roster spot for someone with potential.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, I’m not saying that Felton is even close to average this year. Aside from the first game of the season, and this game, he’s been pretty bad. But two good games is infinity times more than what any sane person could have anticipated, and for that, I give him one prop.

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