Zach LaVine 26 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2015)

Looking through the multitude of Zach LaVine descriptions that I have written in my long and prolific Zach-LaVine-description-writing career, not one of them is a funny or poignant story about the funny or poignant things that happen to him. Mostly I just analyze the state of his team. This is an oversight that I hope to rectify soon, although not right now, obviously. If I was writing a funny story I would have started by now and I wouldn’t be typing all of this boring stuff.

We now proceed to the Timberwolves-analysis portion of the description. The woodland pups managed to provoke the ire of the Indiana crowd, and the Indiana everything else, by coming back from a twenty-point deficit in the fourth quarter, but they couldn’t sustain the run and ended up losing the game anyway. In other news, I hate Monta Ellis.

I think what I’ll do now is watch the Pacers’ feed and take a shot every time during the Wolves’ comeback that Quinn Buckner says in a panicked voice, “Frank Vogel needs to take a timeout.”

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