Nik Stauskas 15 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2015)

Good news everybody! It turns out that we can continue using my carefully crafted “nikname” for Nik Stauskas: “Nik Sucksass”!

I was a little hasty in judging the nickname to not be applicable to Nik anymore. That little run of good games that he had got me too excited, thinking that he would become a reasonable-quality roleplayer. But since I deemed the moniker retired, he has shot a freezer-burning 12 of 52, reminding us why the Kings were so quick to rid themselves of him.

Despite all this, I still think that he can become a good player. This is because I am white, and he is white also, and I am a racist. But is it really racism if it’s positive? I think not.

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