D’Angelo Russell 17 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2015)

D’Angelo Russell: biggest bust ever?

Lakers fans will have you think so. Don’t listen to them. They’re just mad that they missed out on Karl-Anthony Towns. I’d be mad too. If we’re being honest, our minds unclouded from the scepter of rage, D’Angelo is, objectively, only the fourth or fifth biggest bust ever. Kind of close to the worst, but not THE worst.

It is time for the Lakers to cut their losses and get whatever they can for this disappointment, before other teams realize what a busty bust D’Angelo is. The Bucks offer this trade package in exchange for the totally irredeemable player who will suck forever:

One (1) Michael Carter-Williams, VG+
One (1) Miles Plumlee, NM+
Two (2) Spalding Official NBA Game Basketballs, M

This is a fair deal for all sides. Have you seen what those official NBA basketballs cost? Ridic.

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