JaVale McGee 8 Points Mavericks Debut Full Highlights (11/22/2015)

Finally! JaVale McGee is back, and we can put Zaza Pachulia to rest forever. I don’t care how well he may have been playing, his time is over now, and the chapter in the Mavericks’ novel entitled “Zaza leading us nowhere” can at last be wrapped up. Remember, Cuban promised JaVale the starter’s job and to have the offense run through him. At least, I think they promised that to Java Bean, someone like him at least. This is his team now, in any case.

It’ll take him a bit to shake the rust off after hardly playing the last two years, but once he does, DAMN. Lobs to JaVale from Dirk. Attempted lobs to Dirk from JaVale. Zaza sitting on the bench popping his shoulder zits. The future looks bright down there in Dallas.

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