Brook Lopez 26 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2015)

I don’t know who this new Nets commentator is, but it seems like his entire purpose in life is to take a dump on Brook Lopez whenever possible. I mean, it’s your job to be a homer. If you don’t like the fact that half of Lopez’ field goal attempts are flat-footed set-shots from twenty feet, you’re supposed to keep that a secret until the microphones get turned off. You don’t sit there and make the fans at home feel dumb for being a fan of a player because said player is soft like a blanket and plays defense like a blanket and only wants to do finesse-type things. That’s my job. I’m the one who gets to rag on players.

Why would you even single out Blowpez when it’s obvious that he’s the best player on the team? Compared to meatballs like Andrea Bargnani (who likes to eat pasta with meatballs) and Jarrett Jack (who looks like a literal meatball), Lopez is like manna from heaven.

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