E’Twaun Moore Career High 24 Points Full Highlights (2/3/2016)

E’Twaun Moore: better than Jimmy Butler? The facts will be analyzed with truthfulness.

Career Highs:
E’Twaun Moore scored his career high in points tonight, while Jimmy Butler’s career high already occurred several games ago, which doesn’t help the Bulls out in the here and the now. Advantage: Moore

Scoring Tonight:
Butler didn’t even score a single point tonight, while Moore scored 24, propelling the Bulls to victory. Advantage: Moore

Career Statistics:
Wow, I just looked it up, and it really looks like Butler has Moore pretty much beat in every conceivable stat, advanced or not. Like, it’s a total landslide here. Not even close at all. Advantage: Butler by a lot

Butler’s mom didn’t even want him, and his dad Michael Jordan didn’t either. I can’t find much info on Moore’s upbringing, so I assume that his parents at least wanted him a little bit. Advantage: Moore

Number of Apostrophes in First Name:
E’Twaun has one apostrophe in his first name. Jimmy has none. Advantage: Moore

Quality of DTB Descriptions About:
I had a sweet storyline going on about Butler set in a future dystopia that also had a glowing blue basketball-weapon, before Butler got too good to have his highlights done by me. I assume that in all the Moore descriptions I just typed some crap about how much he sucked and made fun of his apostrophe. Advantage: Butler

The facts have been analyzed. Final factual verdict: E’Twaun Moore is better than Jimmy Butler.

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