Jahlil Okafor 26 Points Full Highlights (2/10/2016)

Jahlil Okafor has been shooting much better since he got a real point guard on his team, that real point guard being Ish Smith. Imagine if he got to play with a REALLY real point guard, as in one that is a consensus starter in the league. On a scale of 1-10, how hard would he dominate? One being “he would not dominate very hard at all DTB” and ten being “he would make prime Shaq look like Heat-era Juwan Howard DTB”. I gave it some thought and I think I’d give him an eight since he’s probably at a six right now even though he has to play with sub-par PG’s.

I saw some rumor that the Sixers are interested in Jeff Teague. I bet Teague wouldn’t like Philly very much but that’s the kind of player they need to acquire if they want to be relevant at any point in the next five years. Philly’s home-grown guard talent isn’t likely to produce anybody even close to his caliber in that time-frame, and the sooner a good PG is acquired, the more seasons we get to watch where Big Jah puts up 20/10 or more.

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