Delon Wright 13 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (2/28/2016)

Attention aspiring highlight makers: the channel name “delon15” is still available!

Perfect if you want to pay homage to both Delon Wright and the immortal YouTube NBA highlight deity dorell15. dorell15 made highlights of all players, but he enjoyed most of all making highlights of Dorell Wright (Delon’s brother, but you knew that already). If you were to take up the moniker of delon15, you could make all the NBA vids you wanted, but you’d pretty much always have to be making vids of Delon Wright. Even if he scored like 4 points. Pretty good deal, right? You’d have instant name recognition, the lack of which is a common problem for fledgling highlight channels.

As for Delon’s performance this game, well, I’m pretty impressed. He has nearly doubled his total points output, and more than doubled his total assist output. I don’t think I’d seen any Raptors games where he’d actually stepped on the court, and first impressions mean a lot, so I’m thinking maybe Chris Paul is his ceiling, and Elfrid Payton with range is his floor. Sound good, Raptors fans?

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