Bradley Beal 41 Points Full Highlights (12/18/2016)

Bradley Beal just scored 41 points against the (supposedly-elite) Clippers, one short of his career high. Sounds great, huh? Can’t wait to watch the highlights? Before you dive headfirst into the Beal-themed world of magic and wonderment that I have created with this video, we need to correct your expectations.

Basically, Beal didn’t REALLY score 41. According to the NBA he did, but everyone knows that point totals are a subjective matter. Everyone knows that. That’s why Wilt’s 100 doesn’t really count and Maravich’s 68 is the true best scoring game of all time.

First problem is that Beal was gifted three technical free throws due to the petulant and childish nature of the Clippers players/coaches. If he was playing a more disciplined team, those techs would not have been awarded, and he would have scored only 38 points. So we can take those points out.

Second problem is that he shot and made a bunch of three-pointers. Three-pointers are a disgusting addition to the game brought about by the free-wheeling, drug-addled attitude of the 70’s. Do you think Maravich had that luxury? The extra unearned point Beal got for each of those shots can be taken off his final total, bringing him down to 32 points scored.

Third problem has to do with the first; the undisciplined Clippers just couldn’t stop fouling him, as he attempted 11 foul shots. Watching the video, Beal didn’t actually get fouled on any of these. The refs, however, wishing to brighten the star of Beal, blasted their whistles at every opportunity. The 9 free throws he made were illegitimate and can be excised from the record books. He now stands at 23 points.

Fourth problem: there’s a reason the NCAA outlawed dunking. That’s all I’m going to say about the matter. 21 points now.

Fifth problem regards a shooting guard letting his play be dictated by a point guard, in this case John Wall. Did Michael Jordan ever let BJ Armstrong tell him when to and when not to shoot? I think not. The points that Beal scored off of assists by Wall are invalidated, which gives him a final, legitimate, rightfully earned 12 points for the game.

12 points isn’t very many. Why did I make highlights of this performance again?

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