Ben Simmons 22 Points/7 Assists/5 Dunks Full Highlights (1/28/2018)

You know what? I should refuse to make Ben Simmons highlight videos unless he gets more assists in the game than he averages for the season. That would have saved me a bunch of time because he averages 7.4 assists per game, yet only had seven in this particular instance. If he’s not going to put in the effort to get one more assist (or even half an assist in this case), I’m not going to put in the effort to put his highlights on my channel.

Unfortunately for me, whenever I talk a big game about refusing to do this or that player, or raising my standards so that sub-par videos don’t make it onto my channel, I usually will backtrack on those words or pretend I never said them in the first place. If we’re being real here (which we are; DTB is all about reality), a 22/7 line is pretty sweet no matter which rookie puts it up, and no matter how much I wish that he had gotten more assists.

What I really wish, more than Simmons getting more assists, is that he had made the All-Star game. Then I could ignore him for real and direct my attentions to the real scrubs, not the players who are walking the path to stardom and just making a pit stop at my channel along the way.

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