Cedi Osman 12 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2018)

Cedi Osman was rewarded for his relatively strong play in his string of nine starts by…getting benched for Rodney Hood against the Pistons. Here come some DTB truth nukes dropped right on your doorstep: if we’re being real, Hood is better than Osman. Hood has a way bigger chance to score twenty or even thirty than Osman. But if we continue being real, Hood is playing way worse in Cleveland than he was in Utah. He hadn’t really done anything to earn the starting job other than being theoretically better at basketball. The Cavaliers seemed like they were doing okay with Osman starting, so why not keep starting him?

It totally sounds like I’m pandering to Turkish people here, but I swear I’m not. Lue doesn’t need to shift around the lineup every other game just because it’s fun to do.

Meanwhile, J.R. Smith is still starting, and he scored zero points in twenty minutes. Does Cedi need to throw soup at his assistant coaches just so he can keep his starter’s job? What kinds of soup do they even have in Turkey?

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