Larry Nance Jr. Career High 22 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2018)

Am I supposed to be feeling some sort of deep connection with the spirit of Cavaliers past after seeing Larry Nance Jr. score a career high in the same arena where his dad was an All-Star? Because I’m not. I’m feeling like this was a great game for Nance, but that’s about it. I’ll leave the sentimentality to the Cavs fans who’ve been watching for decades and appreciate the symbolism.

So, yeah, this was a pretty nice outing for him. 6 dunks, 5 of them that counted and 1 that was after the whistle but he just really wanted to posterize Blake Griffin, and some jumpers. Didn’t feel like much, especially since he only scored 4 in the second half, but you know LeBron was pleased. Even if Nance’s dunks were a bit on the wimpy side.

Just for reference, his dad scored this many points or more 269 times. Junior here has a long row to hoe if he wants to even approach Senior’s career accomplishments.

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