Joe Ingles 18 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/5/2018)

Once again Joe Ingles has a huge first half, then follows it up with a scant few bits and bobs in the second half to end up with a good statistical performance, but not a GREAT one. Does anyone here want to witness goodness? No! We want to witness greatness, and what Ingles has done so far in his career is maybe acceptable to my undiscerning Aussie bogan viewers, but it is not acceptable for me. Not any longer.

The Jazz’s playoff hopes would be improved if he would put up 20 points a game every game from now until they’re done sweeping the Wizards in the finals. That’s real talk right there, my friends, but Ingles is too CHICKEN to do it. He wants to pretend like he’s not the best player, that he’s not carrying the team, like he’s a good teammate for passing the ball all the time, well I say HOOEY. HOOEY PATOOTIE.

Step it up, Ingles. I’ll be watching.

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