Joe Ingles 20 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/11/2018)

Unlike past Joe Ingles videos, which were deficient in the amount of jingling contained in their runtime, I have determined that this video contains adequate amounts of jingling. A player with the nickname “Jinglin’ Joe” is obligated by social norms to provide jingles, and in this case, the jingles were definitely provided. The video evidence couldn’t be more clear: he hits a floater, he jingles as he runs back on defense. He makes a nice pass for an assist, he’s jingling, you’re jingling, I’m jingling, everybody’s jingling. After one of his silky-smooth three-pointers, the arena practically explodes with jingles.

This is the kind of jingling performance that I expect, no, that I DESERVE out of Jinglin’ Joe. It’s what we all deserve. If not for the jingles, what does this guy even provide? Nothing. He’s a zero. Without the jingles, he wouldn’t even be in the league. Maybe some euro team would take him knowing that he wouldn’t jingle even one time for them, but in the NBA, jingles are what makes or breaks you.

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