Carmelo Anthony 22 Points Full Highlights (10/24/2018)

Carmelo Anthony makes his long-awaited reappearance on my channel, 5 years after I randomly made a vid of him scoring 40-something way before I knew what the heck was going on. I apologize for that vid by the way, and one of the good things that happened when my account got banned is that vid got banned with it. Now no one can ever see it again and that’s how it should be.

Carmelo was a lot better back then. He has now regressed to the point where I feel he is an entirely appropriate inclusion in the hallowed halls of the DownToBuck Archivium. By the way, if you want a tour of the Archivium, it’s only 500 bucks per ticket and it comes with one free viewing of a vid of your choice straight from the VHS tape where it’s stored. Enjoy highlights the way they were meant to be, on a slightly degraded VHS played on a tiny black-and-white CRT TV that I won at a middle-school raffle! 10 percent discount for seniors or children under 10.

So, yeah, Carmelo. He booty now. Full booty. He both is and has a “full booty”. I don’t want to blame him for the Rockets’ early-season struggles, but it’s just SO tempting because they were good last year and then they added him and now they’re bad. Did they not see what happened to the Thunder when they tried him out? Did they just ignore all the melodrama? I’m not complaining.

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