Alec Burks 18 Points/1 Game-Winner Full Highlights (1/27/2019)

I feel sorta bad about putting the “1 Game-Winner” in the title of this video. Burks did hit the shot to take the lead by one point with 17 seconds left, so I’m not totally lying, but that’s kind of a long time for some other stuff in the game to happen. Like, the Bulls could miss a shot (which they did), foul somebody after that (which they did), and then hit a three and the game could go into overtime (which they did not). In any case, it was definitely a clutch bucket by Burks, so you should watch this otherwise non-notable video to see it.

This video also acts as an apology for all the times I’ve ignored Burks in a Cavaliers jersey the last few weeks. Him and Jordan Clarkson, I don’t know why, but I can’t get hyped about these dudes. The Cavs should be losing all these games with young unknowns leading the way, not two veteran shot-chuckers who aren’t even scoring that many points. Get Deng Adel in there, and tell him to score. Now there’s something I could be excited about.

Also, does anyone even want to watch endless videos of Burks scoring in the high teens? No. They do not. At least, I don’t, and I feel I act as an average DownToBuck viewer when it comes to my viewing preferences.

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