Dwight Powell 20 Points/6 Assists/5 Threes Full Highlights (3/4/2019)

This is a career high for Dwight Powell in the “assists” category. I put that in quotes because the first five of these assists range between “barely passable” (get it, passable????? hahahahah) and “Jokic-esque BS handoff that should never be an assist”. Luckily the final one is a nice spinning drop off to a Dorian Finney-Smith dunk, or I would’ve just said screw it and not included them in the video at all.

Sidenote: Powell’s career-high 6 assists is 6 more than Nick Young’s career high in that category. Look it up, it’s true.

Add in his career-high five triples (seemingly all of them on the same play which the Nets didn’t want to defend properly) to the mix and you get a very un-Powell-like highlight video. He didn’t catch even one lob during the whole video. And here I thought the Doncic-Powell lob connection was getting better by the game. Can someone just tell J.J. Barea that he doesn’t need to be fully healthy to throw lobs to Powell? Because he doesn’t. Those two could connect for alley-oops while one of them was in an iron lung and the other was undergoing open heart surgery.

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