Justise Winslow 18 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2019)

I’ve got two comparisons for Justise Winslow here, and I need you to let me know which one you like better. If you have a third comparison, don’t even bother telling it to me, because it will be wrong and stupid, reflecting the wrong and stupid nature of your brain. So, is Winslow more like

A white Ricky Rubio


A Draymond Green who isn’t lucky enough to play on the Warriors


I had already come up with the Green comp in my last video for Winslow, but the Rubio was an original creation within the last five minutes. The similarities are there: the iffy shooting (though Rubio’s iffy shooting is in the form of iffy line-drives while Winslow’s iffy shooting is in the form of iffy rainbows). The passing ability. The defense? Their smiles look really similar. If Rubio was black, he’d have hair like Winslow. Same for Winslow if he was white. If I edited the colors of the video and photoshopped the hair a bit, you would be convinced that you were watching a Rubio highlight video. Especially with that sick behind-the-back pass to Bam Adebayo, which was basically the whole reason I made this video in the first place.

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