Dwight Powell Career High 26 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2019)

While expertly editing (actually, I prefer the term “composing”) this Dwight Powell highlights package for the consumption of the drooling YouTube hordes, I couldn’t help but wonder: is the pronunciation of Dwight a dialectical thing? The main Mavs commentator always calls him “Duh-Wight”. Meanwhile, I just call him “Dwite”. When Dwight Howard was still alive and wasn’t dead, I noticed this all the time too. Some commentators said it “Dwite” (which is objectively the correct way because I say so) and some said “Duh-Wight” like they’re making fun of his lack of mental faculties.

In order to advance SCIENCE (insert “lol I’m so nerdy I love science” sentiment here), please say the name “Dwight” out loud right now in the way that feels most natural to you. Then tell me how you said it and where you’re from (if you’re from the US, at least tell me the region of the US) so I can use the data to judge you. And to figure out which way is more common. But also to judge you for talking like a dumb-butt.

Erroneous name pronunciation aside, Dwight Powell and Luka Doncic are really making progress on their budding love connection. I mean lob connection. It’s their lob connection that they’re developing. I could honestly watch them make sweet lobs all night long.

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