David Nwaba Career High 22 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2019)

This is what I live for. Scrubs whose entire careers are just a singular parade of scrubdom, perhaps broken up by stints in the G-League or in weird countries that end in “-ia”, scoring amounts of points that nobody anticipated. Here, the scrub in question is one David Nwaba, and he scored twenty-two points in one game, obliterating his previous career high of ten.

I really had you going there for a bit, didn’t I? Nwaba’s previous career high was twenty-one. I just wanted to lie to you to see if I could get away with it. For somebody like Nwaba, who has never really played a concrete role on a team for an entire season, ten points could very well be a career high. A lot of scrubs never come close to scoring that many points, forget about over twice that many points.

Anyway, despite my hypitude for this performance, the amplitude of my hypitude could be higher. The reason is simple, really: Nwaba doesn’t dunk it at all in this game. Not one time. A guy whose main calling card is executing high-flying slam dunks despite being undersized should be able to fit in at least one or two dunks per game when the defenders aren’t paying as much attention as they should.

The lack of dunkage upsets me so greatly that I considered revoking the “career high” status of this performance. But then I did some more research and it turns out that removing the word “career high” from the title of a YouTube video does not actually alter reality in such a way that the career high never happened. That’s how I had thought it worked but apparently it doesn’t work that way. This also means that my attempts to wish into existence a 100-point game for Giannis by uploading videos alleging that such a game occurred are similarly futile.

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