Spencer Dinwiddie 28 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/6/2019)

I was wondering why I hadn’t made a Din-Dins highlight video in a while. It worried me because Din-Dins regularly has good games, even with the presence of D’Angelo Russell and Shabazz Napier on the team taking minutes that should be his. He has shown himself to be so resilient that nothing should stop him from having good games. Aliens landed on Earth? Din-Dins will go out and score twenty. Worldwide nuclear war? Din-Dins will nuke the rim with sick jumpers. Sun finally runs out of fuel to sustain its internal nuclear fission? Din-Dins doesn’t care all all.

It turns out that Dinwiddie was injured for a month, which is why he wasn’t playing and why he wasn’t getting highlight videos. No insidious reason here, unless you consider injuries to be insidious. He didn’t get kidnapped or replaced in the rotation. He just hurt some part of his body badly enough that he had to sit games out to let it heal properly. I don’t know which body part it was, but it was probably an important part. Like his face. Or his butt.

That’s good news because I called the police to file a missing person report and they basically did nothing to go out and find Dinwiddie. Even after I cried and screamed at the dispatch person. It was totally negligent of them to not even try to look even if Dinwiddie wasn’t actually missing or in danger. To make my displeasure known, I wrote a review of the local police department on Yelp. One star. Now people will think twice about using the police to solve crimes and stuff.

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