Grayson Allen 14 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2019)

I’ll be forthright and honest with you: I’m making this Grayson Allen video because I want to get more views on my videos. If that means ignoring fifteen or twenty better performances (stats-wise) than this one, then so be it. I’m willing to withstand a few disgusted unsubscribers if it means that a bunch of white people from Utah watch this video of a guy who totally looks like could be a mormon. I’m also holding out hope that a few people will click on the link to my Patreon ( and give me money because they appreciate that I made a video for Grayson Allen (who is a relatable player for many people in the world, due to certain physical characteristics of his that I alluded to earlier).

Here’s another thing I’m going to be honest with you about: I don’t watch college basketball. At all. I haven’t watched one second of March Madness this year. I only hear about college basketball in the context of NBA basketball, or when a player/team is so popular/reviled that they enter the public discourse. Grayson Allen is an example of the latter. I seem to remember that he was regarded as a “gritty” or “dirty” player (depending on who you asked) during his collegiate career. I haven’t heard any similar allegations during his time in the NBA, maybe because he’s waiting to establish himself as a scorer before being an asshole to opposing players, or maybe because he’s matured as a person and no longer feels like it’s necessary to knee people in the nards or whatever it was he was doing.

Maybe this is the start of good things for Allen. Or maybe it’s not the start of anything and he’s just going to keep shooting 32% from the field forever. Either way, a bunch of people are gonna want to watch highlight videos of this dude and I’ll be right there ready to provide them.

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