Daniel Theis 14 Points/1 Game-Winning Block Full Highlights (1/3/2020)

It’s too bad that Daniel Theis’ impressive defense on Trae Young on the last real possession of this game was overshadowed by the fact that:

1. Marcus Smart decided to try to steal Theis’ glory even though he didn’t do anything on the play in question by pulling the “Iverson stepover” on Trae Young but not even doing it right (he mostly just tripped over Young’s legs)
2. Marcus Smart got pissy after Young tripped him, even though Smart was the one grandstanding for no reason and it doesn’t look like Young did anything intentional
3. Marcus Smart shoved Alex Len because he was still pissy for no reason
4. Marcus Smart got to shoot two free throws because the refs didn’t feel like handing him a taunting technical and instead gave Young a personal foul for the “push” (?), even though Smart was just tripping over Young’s legs because he didn’t step high enough over him (Iverson executed the correctly by taking a very big, deliberate step over his foe)

As you can see, I’m upset that Smart took over a moment that was supposed to be about Theis locking down a notoriously quick guard, then blocking his three-point attempt. He took it over with some stupid heroic antics where he wasn’t even the hero so it would have looked petty and pathetic even if it had worked out, which it didn’t.

Basically, if anybody should have been stepping over Young, it should have been Theis, but he was too busy trying to play real basketball to do something stupid like that. Iverson-esque stepovers are reserved for the Finals only.

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