Duncan Robinson 25 Points Full Highlights (8/8/2020)

First off: I am seriously SUPER sorry that I didn’t include Duncan Robinson’s career-high two blocks in this video. Actually, that’s not exactly accurate. I MIGHT be sorry about that, but I don’t know how good they were. They could have been (and very likely were) lame strip-blocks. What I’m really sorry about is that I didn’t even check them out. What if they were high-flying LeBron-style chasedowns? The world will never know. And for that, I apologize.

With those blocks possibly included, this had a chance of being the most anomalous Robinson vid ever. Because when you see that he has 25 points, your first thought should be “8 threes and a technical free throw”. But no! He hit only four threes, using the fact that teams are overplaying his three-ball to take it into the paint and hit some layups. No dunks, though. That would’ve been way too anomalous, past the point of reasonability.

Honestly, though, I’d prefer that, rather than scoring inside when defenses play him tight on the arc, he’d take a few steps back and just shoot deeper threes instead. Oh, you’re going to crowd me as I tiptoe the line? Fine. Let me just chill out 10 feet behind the arc and pretend like I’m not ever going to shoot it from there and then bury some long bombs in your stupid face. Robinson’s future is not inside the arc. It’s outside the arc, and judging by the dimensions of the court, he has 60 feet of primo real estate to work with.

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