Jevon Carter 20 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (8/8/2020)

OFFICIAL DTB REMINDER: Jevon Carter once scored 32 points in an NBA game. In the final game of the 2018-19 season, his 32-point explosion against a Curry-less Warriors team raised his season field goal percentage all the way up from 27% to 30%. While you would never consider him a high-level scorer at the NBA level, that game proved that even the players who are perceived to be the worst scorers in the league are capable of “popping off” on occasion.

Now that’s you’ve been served up with a hefty amount of OFFICIAL DTB REMINDERAGE, a healthy twenty-burger from Jevon Carter shouldn’t be all that surprising. Yes, a certain amount of surprise is certainly justified since his season-high prior to this game was just fifteen points, but it’s just common sense that a player capable of scoring thirty would be capable of scoring twenty as well.

And Carter is a dang good three-point shooter this season (38%, albeit on low volume), so his 6-of-8 from three in this game is mildly anomalous but not utterly outside the realm of possibility. If he can keep up his reputation as a tenacious defender at the point guard position (ancillary OFFICIAL DTB REMINDER: I don’t care about defense) and also have a reliable three-point shot, I can think of a lot of teams that would like to have him be their primary backup PG. And by a lot of teams, I mean all teams.

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